Google Fuchsia will be compatible with Android applications

Fuchsia, Google's future OS, is still in development. A last twist comes to us: it should be compatible with Android applications.

Google has always had in its DNA having fun creating tons of different projects, whether hardware or software. And often these projects are open to everyone.
This is how we discovered Fuchsia, a new OS whose purpose is to operate whatever the device on which it is installed. If his face is now hidden, part of his development remains visible to all.
Google Fuchsia is compatible with ART
This is how 9to5Google was able to locate a significant update in the source code of the future OS. The readme file of a whole section of the directory explains the usefulness of the files found there:

They allow to integrate ART in Fuchsia. As a reminder, ART has succeeded Dalvik to become the runtime engine for Android applications. You'll understand: this will allow Fuchsia to launch Android applications.
Still interesting: the platform is compatible with 64-bit armored processors (Snapdragon-type mobile SoC) as x86_64 (rather computers like Intel).
A ton of compatibility
The form ART support takes on Fuchsia is surprisingly simple: it is a single file, in .far, to install on any device running on this OS. Note that more than just Chrome OS, Fuchsia should also be compatible with Linux applications.
Without even counting future applications dedicated to the OS, that promises a very broad application universe. Fuchsia's evolution has accelerated enormously lately: as 9to5Google says, it would not be surprising if Google reveals its work and its vision of the future very soon.
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