Google Images also will be entitled to its ads

Google has announced the arrival of new ads on Google Images. A new service for users, but especially for advertisers who will be able to be more present on a page today devoid of sponsored content.

Right now, when you search for something on Google, chances are the first results of your search will be sponsored content promoted by the Mountain View engine. On Google Images, on the other hand, no advertisement comes to spoil your pleasure … for the moment.
Recognizing that the image is a much more buoyant vector for selling a product, Google has implemented a new system of products that can be purchased directly from Google Images. When you search for a product, a button may for example allow you to display links to shops to buy items on the picture you are watching, both on mobile than on a computer.
Google gives the example of looking for an office and illustrates it with an animation that shows the integration of this advertising content on demand and the interest that it can bring to the consumer during his research.

All integration should not be so subtle though. In his second example, Google refers to research "makeup" ("makeup" in French), with the display of sponsored content before the results of the search, as is already the case for the textual results of the search engine.
Attacking Facebook and Instagram
It seems that Google wants to thwart the very visual advertising that can be found especially on social networks, especially Instagram. As a reminder, Facebook's social image network already offers a similar system for directly tagging the stores concerned when a photo contains items to buy.
On a web that turns more and more to the image and video, it seems surprising that Google did not integrate this kind of advertising earlier. All that remains is to wait for the integration of mixed reality with ARCore to these advertisements to see directly what this object that you wish to buy could give at home (in the case of a piece of furniture), on you (for a garment) or in your hand (for a phone for example) …

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