Google imagines a Z-shaped compact foldable smartphone in a patent

In a patent, Google also imagines a foldable smartphone. Interestingly: once folded, the device has a Z shape in the unveiled patterns.
Like Zorro, Google wants to sign his smartphone a Z (image: Syfy)
Many mobile market players are busy to release a foldable smartphone. The Royole FlexPai opened the show, but it was especially the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X that marked the spirits. At the same time, Xiaomi made a short demonstration of his prototype, Oppo shared some pictures of his project and TCL also works on this kind of devices.

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But what about Google in all this fuss? The colossus in four colors helped Samsung develop a version of Android suitable for folding screens. Huawei took advantage of a similar boost. However, the most important question lies elsewhere: will Google go out in turn a foldable smartphone?
The flap and the Z
It's hard to answer this question, but a patent filed by Google with the World Intellectual Property Organization provides some clues. The document Spotted by Patently Mobile describes – you will understand – a foldable smartphone.
In Google's schemas, the device has a single screen, but the company describes two ways to fold it. The first configuration is traditional: the smartphone folds on itself like a flip phone.

The second method, however, is more intriguing. We see in fact a smartphone folded twice to form a sort of letter Z crushed.

The Z challenge
In the patent, Google explains that "the creation of robust foldable Z screens (which bends inside and out) is greatly complicated by the fragility of thin superimposed layers." It remains to know now if the Mountain View company does indeed turn the test with a commercial product described here.
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