Google Keep will also have the right to its dark theme in the near future

Google Keep, the note-taking app, is also testing a dark theme ahead. This is revealed by the study of the code of the latest version of the application.

Google's popular note app, Keep, is often found on many Android smartphones. It must be said that fast and automatic synchronization with his Google account can never misplace his thoughts and ideas.
As an application developed by the tech giant, it will not miss the recent movement of the company that seeks to offer a dark theme to all its software. The first signs have been spotted.
Google Keep is preparing its dark theme
9to5Google has analyzed the code of its latest version. The latter found a reference to an "enable dark mode" mode, which they were able to activate.
For the moment, it is not very convincing. We can see that only the search bar at the top of the application and the interface at the bottom enjoy darker colors, but this is surely an unfinished version of the theme. In the long run, it will certainly incorporate many more elements.
For the moment, it's impossible to determine an exit date for this update. However, it is good to see that efforts in this area continue at Google to save our little eyes when the light is weakening.
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