Google Maps: augmented reality navigation is timidly unfolding

Google Maps has been working for many months to provide augmented reality navigation for pedestrians. It has become accessible for some of the "Local Guides" level 5 or higher.

Google Maps is a high-performance tool. You can use it by car and on foot, and even find recommendations for things to see in our neighborhoods thanks to its community.
When you make an effort to rate and recommend places, you end up earning "Local Guide" status. This one is on several levels, and allows you to have a link a little closer with Google. It shows today.
Augmented reality navigation on Google Maps unfolds
Google announced in 2018 the deployment of augmented reality navigation, which allows to lift his phone to display management information superimposed on the outside world. It starts now, although in a limited way, as you can see in this video made by Android Police.

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Indeed, for the moment, only the "Local Guides" level 5 or more have access to the functionality. This is to allow Google to achieve a kind of "natural beta" to users before a larger deployment.
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