Google Maps: punctuality will no longer be a problem on car journeys

The mobile application of Google Maps will finally allow to define a time of departure or arrival on the trips by car.

For a very long time, Google Maps has been able to find the best route from A to B. In addition, it is also possible to define a departure time or a desired arrival time to refine the proposals. the mapping department and make sure that we will not be late.
On the computer version of Maps, this feature has always been available for all modes of transport, but on the mobile app, this option could only be used when inquiring about a route by public transport, walking or by bike. Car trips were not included.
But this is changing. As reported by Android Police, version 10.8.0 Beta of Google Maps now provides the ability to indicate the desired departure or arrival time on car trips. It is still more convenient to avoid traffic jams and be sure to be punctual.

Google Maps under construction
This new feature is part of a series of various changes taking place on Google Maps. Just recently, alerts against speed cameras began to unfold on the app. In the future, the service should also allow you to book a table in a restaurant, more reason not to be late on the way.
In France, despite the fact that I am registered in the beta program of Maps, I have not yet received version 10.8.0. We can cross our fingers to hope that it does not take long to arrive on the Play Store or try to download the APK on APKMirror.
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