Google Maps should allow you to send messages to book a table at a restaurant

In recent months, Google seems to want to turn Google Maps social network. The service could go further, with the ability to write directly to an institution on Google Maps.

Currently, restaurants, shops, bars or businesses displayed on Google Maps show their physical address, but also their website or phone number. A good way to contact them, for example to reserve a table in a restaurant or ensure their opening hours.
Soon, Google could go further by allowing to send a message directly to the institution if it allows. This was discovered by the user sanju2cool on a recent update of Google Maps on Android, before sharing screenshots on Reddit. We can thus discover two screenshots.
Messages to contact a facility directly
The first image shows a new "Messages" menu on the sidebar of the Google Maps app, located between "Your Contributions" and "Location Sharing". The second image displays the message page, saying: "Press the 'Message' button on the institutions' Google page to contact them." We could even find these two pages in our Google Maps application. On the other hand, out of about twenty institutions tested, none displayed a "messages" button to contact them directly.
It therefore appears that the feature is currently being deployed and is not yet enabled for the facilities. Still, it should be for merchants a good way to stay in touch with their customers while responding without users do not ask dozens of unanswered questions in the comment area of ​​their Google Maps page. .
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