Google Maps will finally show nearby public transport

Google Maps is very useful for a pedestrian, but its treatment of public transport is somewhat incomplete. The closer will soon be displayed naturally on the map of a precise location.

Google Maps is one of Google's most popular and successful tools. The GPS solution can match cars as well as bikes and even pedestrians.
For these however, public transport is well managed … but still deserve improvements. Google's latest tests go in this direction.
Google Maps shows nearby public transportation
Android Police has indeed spotted a change during tests on the application. When you visit the page of a particular location, the closest public transportation is now displayed on the map of the location.

This small display, located near the tab "Schedules", allows you to see buses, subways and trams near the place you want to reach, their distance and the lines serving them. At click, the detail of the line is displayed.
A good step forward for pedestrians
This small update under test, which is active on the side of Google servers and is not available to us yet, may seem innocuous, but the fact is that a pedestrian using Maps regularly will say "why this was not there sooner. "
Public transport is the most commonly used transportation method in urban areas, but their access to the application often requires much more effort than for other modes of transport. It is therefore a first step to make it easier for them to live on which we will not spit.
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                        Timetables and public transportation lines
                                                                GPS for your vehicle
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