Google Play Store: comments go to Material Theming for more use

The Google Play Store has been silently updated. From now on, the comment section under applications goes to Material Theming and reviews its structure to be more useful.

We would not be anything without our smartphone app stores. Yet, these are not necessarily the best-developed applications of our mobile platforms.
The Google Play Store is updated regularly, but it remains perfectible. Its system of comments is not particularly developed, but it is improving today.
Comments on the Play Store become more useful
A server update has been deployed on the store. It reviews the feedback system on available applications. At first, it is their aesthetic aspect that changes somewhat: Material Theming continues to unfold.

Above all, we observe a better organization of the elements. Under the desired application are now displayed two comments: the most positive, and the most critical. At click, you can then navigate among them, and even very precisely set the type of comment sought. You can even select user reviews by device, so find those using the same product as you!

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