Google Play Store: How to download the APK and install the latest update on Android and Android TV – Tutorial

Want to enjoy the latest version of the Google Play Store? Here's how to download the APK and install this update.

Update of December 12: version 12.8.23 + Android TV 12.4.69
The Google Play Store, formerly known as Android Market, is one of the central points of Android since it provides access to millions of games and applications. Although this is not the only way to fill your phone, it is often the simplest and, casually, the most secure.
If you want to enjoy the latest news from this shop, you will find here its latest version and a quick installation guide.
Where to find the Google Play Store
On the majority of Android smartphones sold in France, the Google Play Store is already installed natively and is updated automatically. Deployment is progressive however, so you may not have the latest version. To check, launch the app, open the hamburger menu by sliding your finger from the left edge of the screen to the right, then go to the application settings. At the very bottom you will see a box called "Store" displaying the current version number.
Here is the latest version available today:
This is a universal version compatible with all smartphones and tablets with Android 4.1 or later.
What's new in this version?
No changelog accompanies this update. Although not reported, bug fixes and other optimizations have certainly been made.
The latest major updates to the application include the integration of a "Notifications" section and a function to free up storage space on the phone. Different designs are also being tested by Google, but their deployment is server-side regardless of the client's version.
Install the Google Play Store
To install the Google Play Store, it is imperative that your smartphone has Google Play Services. On a Xiaomi smartphone, for example, you can install the set through a dedicated package. The manipulation is explained in another tutorial.
To install this update from the Play Store, simply download the .APK file from your phone and launch it after allowing installations from unknown sources in the security settings menu of your smartphone. A step-by-step explanation is available in our dedicated tutorial.
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Install the Google Play Store on Android TV
If you want to install the Google Play Store on an Android TV device (connected TV, Android box …), it is important to note that the file is not the same. You will need to download the appropriate file, here is the latest version available to date:
The manipulation is not very different from that allowing to install an APK on Android, namely: activate unknown sources and launch the file from an explorer. Full manipulation is available on our dedicated tutorial.
You can also find our game and application search engine, directly on FrAndroid.

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