Google Podcasts: a shy appearance on the web with reading and synchronization

Google Podcasts makes a timid appearance on the web … it is now possible to listen to his favorite podcasts in his browser without the help of an app.

On June 19, 2918, Google launched an application dedicated to podcasts. It's not the best podcast aggregator, but it's a brick of a larger device about the place of podcasts at Google.
                        With Google Podcast, download the easiest solution to listen to all your favorite podcasts on your Android device.
Discover the …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Your favorite shows within reach
                                                                Regularly updated
                                                                A perfect app to listen to Hi Techie!
Moreover, Google is starting to deploy new functions on the web part, with the subdomain For the moment, this site seems to contain only one about and a link to the dedicated Android application.
However, if we take the ID of a podcast, we can get a page of the podcast selected with the ability to listen to episodes directly from a web browser. The interface is identical to that of the Android app. Here is an example with Hi Techie.
Note that you can also find podcasts from the SERP "search engine result page" or search engine results page. By searching for a podcast from your smartphone, Google can directly launch episodes to listen.

Difficult to see it still very clear in Google's content strategy podcasts, we will certainly have other things to discover in the coming weeks. The site will probably host a Google Podcasts web app version.
In the meantime, I take this opportunity to invite you to listen to Hi Tech, the FrAndroid podcast.

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