Google Stadia: Xbox, PlayStation and Switch controllers are compatible, Xbox Adaptive Controller in mind

Google Stadia, the new cloud gaming service will be compatible with existing controllers and devices. This includes the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
In 2018, Microsoft has taken a big step towards making video games more accessible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a controller designed to meet the needs of players with reduced mobility.
Google recently announced Stadia, its cloud gaming service and gave details about compatible devices. Good surprise, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is one of them.
Watch out for Chromecast
With Stadia, Google wants to play the card ubiquity thoroughly by offering its service on a maximum of screens, and therefore compatible devices. The company has therefore very quickly announced that all controllers compatible with the standard USB HID would be supported by Stadia.

It's great to see the #XboxAdaptiveController in #stadia. Please consider enabling the copiloting of these devices. It will really help gamers with limited mobility a lot. #googleStadia
– Bryce at GDC (@brycej) March 19, 2019

This means that the Sony Dualshock 3 and 4 for the Playstation, the Xbox controllers and the switches of the Switch are compatible with the service. This also takes into account the classic keyboard and mouse pair, loved by PC gamers.

However, this concept of compatibility only concerns the use of Stadia on PCs or Android devices. To play with a Chromecast, as Google advertises, it will necessarily use the Stadia Controller, the official controller of the service. The latter directly integrates the necessary Wi-Fi connection with the service to control the video game, which Chromecast would be unable to handle.
In any case, this is very good news that Google supports existing devices, especially the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It is hoped that this will ensure better accessibility to the new service of the firm.
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