Google Stream: a logo, studios that have signed, and innovative features for the game service

The contours of Google's new cloud gaming service are just a few hours away from the presentation.
The logo of the new Google service. Credit: 9To5Google
Today is March 19 that Google organizes its very first conference dedicated to video games. The firm is at the Game Developer Conference to unveil a product that will soon compete with Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch.
Preparations for the conference have already begun with the appearance of a logo that is likely to be the new cloud service that Google is about to unveil. But more important than a logo, Google has already announced some of its partners for the launch of its service, and we also have the right to some indiscretions on functions of the new service.
Ubisoft, id Software and Crystal Dynamics
On Twitter, the Google Developer Account, the main target of the Game Developer Conference in principle, unveiled some of Google's partners who will be on stage during the presentation of the service.
Thus, developers id Software (Doom, Wolfenstein) and Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed) will be there. The latter is not surprising, he was already Google's partner with Project Stream. They will also be joined by Raph Koster and Amy Hennig (Legacy of Kain, Uncharted). It should be noted that the latter worked with Jade Raymond, very recently recruited by Google to a key position.
With these signatures, Google wants to show that it intends to be a major player in the video game market. We imagine that the big licenses of the previously named publishers, Assassin's Creed in the first place, will be offered on the streaming service of Google.
A service thought about the era of YouTube and Twitch
The often very knowledgeable Jason Schreier was able to investigate the new Google service for Kotaku. There are several features that have already been heard in the past. The article mentions in particular an extensive integration with Twitch and YouTube.
Thus a subscriber to the service of Google could very quickly launch a game which he is watching a let's play on YouTube. Better, if the game allows it, it would even be possible to resume exactly where the let's play is stopped, loading the backup in question.
Join the part of a streamer on Twitch in one click.
This feature applies to single-player games, but Google has also thought of a feature for multiplayer games. If the streamer and the developer accept it, it would be possible to join a part with one click from Twitch or YouTube.
One can easily imagine the power that this kind of functionality could have at the time of the phenomenon games like Fortnite or Apex. A streamer could reserve some of its most loyal subscribers to join it live.
A very smart controller
Still according to the echoes of Kotaku, Google's service would be compatible with conventional controllers like the Xbox, but Google would like to offer its own controller.
FrAndroid: No, the Google console controller will not look like that

This controller would integrate many technologies, including the ability to access the streaming service itself, to connect to any television. One wonders in fact how it could work. Maybe it will come with a Chromecast key.


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