Google tease "offers" for its Project Stream streaming service

Google is preparing its arrival in the video game industry with a teaser page that says perhaps more than it seems.

Google will hold its first major gaming conference at GDC 2019 next week. Obviously, the giant Mountain View should present in more detail its cloud-gaming service today known as Project Stream. But that's not all.
A few days before the fateful date, Google has released a teaser in the form of a web page and a video. The latter does not say much except that it displays very beautiful digital images that allow to consider large configurations of the game to enjoy sublime graphics.

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The page on the other hand says a little more. Indeed, it displays the message "discover a new way to play", confirming if it was necessary the presence of Project Stream at the conference, but also offers to register to "be kept informed of the news and Google offers in the video game field. " Note that the word "offers" is plural, which suggests that Google wants to quickly deploy several services and thus reach more people.
In the idea, we could imagine several subscriptions, like what Netflix offers, which would take advantage of a more or less fine display level. For comparison, the cloud computing start-up Shadow currently offers only one type of configuration, but is already planning to provide multiple subscriptions based on configurations.
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But Google does not stop at the simple service. If the service is expected to be available everywhere, the page is hosted on the Google store and its source code is "MadeByGoogle," usually used for company product presentations.
So we could expect a game console that could take various forms, from the small box like the Shadow Ghost to HDMI Chromecast type key. And of course, this console, whatever its form, should be accompanied by at least one controller. But certainly not the one you saw spend this weekend.
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