Google wants to give more control over call blocking

Unwanted calls are very difficult to avoid. Google nevertheless wants to limit their impact by offering users to automatically block certain calls according to their nature or their origin.
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Harassment, advertising canvassing … unwanted calls can take many aspects and there are several ways to avoid some of them. The first is to register his number on Bloctel to avoid spam call centers, but this is not always enough. Some manufacturers therefore offer in their app calls a way to detect unwanted calls and block some.
For its part, the Google Phone application on the Pixel, Android One smartphones, and some other brands of devices, can "filter unwanted calls" without further information. So far anyway.
Some users who have access to the Android 10 Q beta have indeed new options that appear in the settings of their phone application. These include automatic blocking all calls from a number out of the directory, all hidden numbers or calls from public phones (yes, it remains in 2019).
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Confirmed by Android Police, this feature is not yet available for everyone. The Pixel 3 XL of the reaction for example, although running Android Q, does not have these options. The version of the application or system does not seem to be related to this update, which is apparently enabled on the server side.
Anyway, it's a good decision on the part of Google that will allow victims of harassment to limit a little the impact on their privacy without having to change their phone number.
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