GoPro's Karma drone now offers a 'follow' mode

While GoPro mentioned Karma during its big Hero 6 Black event in September, the brand will only offer a new software update here. And the least we can say is that it is rather skinny. What must be remembered here is that GoPro adds two new modes of shooting called "Follow" and "Watch", but if these names can evoke the subject tracking modes already present on the drones of DJI, they will surely not be pushed too. According to the American brand, the two modes make it possible to follow a given subject while leaning on the radio control and in keeping the Karma controller in the frame instead of using any kind of algorithmic recognition of objects or people. Make sure the drone stays in position when you move with the controller, and use the mode follow when you want the drone to follow you through a precise scene. Requiring that the controller be in the drone's field of vision offers a mode of tracking still quite limited and almost completely excludes these creative modes for the realization of film s. GoPro adds a new Cable Cam mode (as on the 3DR) that allows you to set up to 10 waypoints along the path of the drone. Since Karma still does not have the basic obstacle avoidance features needed for such advanced shooting situations, its use should unfortunately be limited in a sporting setting. However, when we know that only 11 months ago, in the middle of a battle with DJI and its Mavic Pro, GoPro had to recall each of the first 2,500 units of Karma that were delivered, and that it was only eight months ago that it returned to the on our shelves, I find it rather encouraging that the product has survived to the point of receiving feature updates. In the meantime, the company is definitely working on a new version of its Karma, even if those who expect more from their drone have probably already turned their attention elsewhere … Here is a quick overview of the mode:

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