Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle: Rectified Data Sheet for Improved Autonomy

The Harley-Davidson brand has lifted the veil on an improved technical sheet of its electric motorcycle LiveWire, at the 89th edition of the Geneva Motor Show. Its product now exceeds 200 kilometers of autonomy.

While the 2019 Geneva Motor Show focused on thermal and above all electric cars – the "Car of The Year" is none other than the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi stand was 100% tender. – the Helvetian event was also an opportunity to meet several companies specialized in the design of motorcycles: from Honda to Quadro through Harley-Davidson.
A radius of action revised upwards
It is precisely the iconic American brand recently mentioned that catches our attention, since its marketing teams have published an official press release in which are presented some novelties relating to its technical sheet. HD has indeed made a new battery of tests whose verified results enhance the characteristics of the LiveWire, the famous electric bike group.
Thus, the autonomy of its two-wheeled has increased autonomy compared to the first figures released in recent months. It will not be necessary to count on a range of 175 kilometers, but 225 kilometers, in urban driving. Its combined autonomy (driving in the city and on the main roads) covers 142 kilometers. A data hitherto held secret.
What is the commercial roadmap for LiveWire?
While its acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h has not changed (3 seconds), the firm from across the Atlantic reveals another figure as to its ability to climb from 96 km / h to 129 km / h: 1, 9 seconds. In other words, you only need 4 seconds to reach the maximum speed allowed on a French motorway. The fast charge DC Fast Charge (DCFC) has definitely been officialized by the company: count 40 minutes to recharge the LiveWire at 80%, and one hour for 100%.
Finally, Harley-Davidson has clarified the baby's commercial roadmap: European pre-orders will open in April 2019 – the US one has already started – for scheduled deliveries sometime in the fourth quarter of 2019.
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