Harley-Davidson: its exclusive European LiveWire electric bike in Paris

The Harley-Davidson brand has set its sights on a Parisian dealer to market its electric motorcycle LiveWire. The shop in question will benefit from a European exclusivity.

An honor to be selected by the leaders of the American company Harley-Davidson to become the one and only dealer in Europe to sell the brand's first electric motorcycle, called LiveWire. ATS Harley-Davidson Paris Bastille, located near the Place de la Bastille, has indeed received the only European authorization to market the model of the group, as we learn France Inter.
Beginning of sales in August 2019
Managed by Arlen Nichanian, Harley-Davidson salesman for 28 years, the shop of the 11th arrondissement will launch the pre-orders of the two-wheeled electric in the course of January 2019, before the opening of official sales during the month of August – only a dozen models should be available. "It's a big adventure, which is a 180-degree turn for a brand that has produced only engines," reacted the leader at the microphone of France Inter.
"What made it so successful is the sound of its two-cylinder engine. But Harley is among the first to offer an electric vehicle with a pleasant sound for it to adopt, "he argues. Let's temper these last words however: to find the auditory sensations of a classic motorcycle, Kymco proposes for example, the installation of an acoustic generator on his SuperNEX electric motorcycle, and is therefore one of the precursors of such a concept.

For the more curious, we invite you to listen to the report of two minutes of France Inter, in which the singular sound snoring of the Harley-Davidson are compared to the new ones, entirely generated by an electric motor. The official website of the store also gives us some details on the technical characteristics of the product presented at the EICMA 2018, last November.
Price and autonomy: a mystery that persists
The LiveWire features 17-inch wheels, sport tires from Michelin and adjustable suspension from Showa. At the center of the bike, a touch screen compatible with Bluetooth will allow the driver to manage his music and GPS system. Not to mention the seven modes of piloting offered to the user. The fee schedule, the range and the number of horses remain unknown.
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