Harley-Davidson LiveWire: Here are our photos of the electrifying legendary bike – FrAndroid

On the Pansonic stand, we saw the latest prototype of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle.

The first electric Harley delivered many details to CES 2019. The American manufacturer has taken advantage of the show of its partner Panasonic to evoke some characteristics like its autonomy and its price. On the Panasonic stand, we saw this prototype of the LiveWire which has undergone several changes since these previous appearances, and this bike should still evolve by the commercial availability expected in August 2019.

As you can see, the LiveWire has a screen that is equipped with a system called HD Connect, the latter provides its owner with practical data, including battery level, maintenance reminders and so on.

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Moreover, it is not because it is an electric motorcycle that motorcycle enthusiasts will have to sacrifice the legendary rumble. Harley-Davidson said the LiveWire bike is designed to produce "a new Harley-Davidson signature sound as it accelerates."
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