Harley-Davidson thinks, eats and lives electric: two bikes for children join his offer

In a bid to position itself sustainably in the electric two-wheelers sector, Harley-Davidson has set its sights on a start-up specializing in children's electric bicycles, StaCyc.

The development of Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, called for many more projects in the growing world of electric two-wheelers. And the takeover of StaCyc, which made children's electrified bicycles its spearhead, is no doubt the beginning of a new era for Harley-Davidson. Because the American firm is moving away from its comfort zone – the motorcycles – and venturing into unknown paths.
To educate the youngest with electricity
Founded in 2016, StaCyc has implemented an unpretentious offer consisting of only two models: 12 EDRIVE and 16 EDRIVE, addressed to children aged three to five and five to seven, respectively. The first, weighing 7.7 kilos, and the second, 8.6 kilos, offer three progressive driving modes: Low, Medium and High, offering a pace of 8, 11 and 14 km / h on the 12 EDRIVE, and 8, 12 and 18 km / h on the 16 EDRIVE, for $ 649 and $ 699.
"We are delighted that StaCyc is now part of the Harley-Davidson family," said Heather Malenshek, head of the company's Brand and Marketing division: "StaCyc teams and ours share the same vision, namely to develop the next generation of cyclists. We believe that together we will have a significant impact in bringing fun and fun to children around the world. "
Harley-Davidson, towards the electric and beyond
This acquisition will allow the iconic group to market Harley-Davidson branded electric bikes at 29 of its owned outlets (Q3 2019), online and through specialized resellers. At present, only the US market is concerned. But given the ambitions of the company, the Old Continent could also become a preferred target.
This acquisition represents a radical shift made by HD. The announcement of his electric motorcycle LiveWire has already resonated like a thunderclap, while two other mopeds exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 will complete its offer. Famous throughout the world for their singular hum, the two-wheeled Harley gradually embrace the electric. An assumed strategy that extends beyond motorcycles.
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