Harley-Davidson: You will not need a motorcycle license to drive your new electric two-wheelers

Harley-Davidson delivered the first details of its two new electric projects: mopeds to drive without a license and with removable batteries.

For 116 years, Harley-Davidson has been a patron of the motorcycle. But times are changing and technological advances are increasing. The 21st century is definitely under the sign of the electric: no question for the American manufacturer to miss the boat, he who wants to become one of the leaders of the sector on this niche of the future.
That's why the iconic company has developed the very first electric bike in its history, called LiveWire, and is scheduled for mid-2019.
Two electric mopeds approaching
But this product is just a taste of what lies ahead. Because the Milwaukee company is indeed working on two other two-wheel electric located at the antipodes of the irreplaceable Harley-Davidson of our time. Briefly presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, these two concepts have benefited from a new highlight in the context of the Aspen 2019 X Games, held from January 24 to 27, 2019, in Colorado ( United States).

The firm from across the Atlantic has provided some details through an official press release. While no technical features have been unveiled, Harley-Davidson details the contours of this project with the innovative approach, which definitely opens a new chapter in the history of the multinational. And the least we can say is that these two new electric mopeds definitively decide with the identity of the brand.
I do not need anyone, Harley Davidson
First, no one will need a motorcycle license to drive both cars. Strutting on the roads riding a Harley-Davidson will certainly be possible for anyone with a simple driver's license. Engineering teams will also focus on lightness, agility and maneuverability, while ensuring instant acceleration.
Another novelty: a removable battery easily transportable, which can be connected to a simple domestic plug. What to recharge at home or at work. These two concepts materialize the new ambitions of the company, articulated around the growth plan More Roads to Harley-Davidson presented in 2018. The bet is launched, the dice also.

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