Here is a photograph of 195 billion pixels

A Chinese startup performs feats by composing photographs of several billion pixels. A great feat of digital imaging.

A Facebook user has collected more than 195,000 shares after posting what he claims to be a "captured by a Chinese satellite with 24.9 billion pixels of quantum technology" photo. In reality, it's wrong. This photograph was captured by BigPixel, a Chinese startup that specializes in very high resolution photos. This shot consists of thousands of photographs to create a unique photograph of 195 gigapixels, about 2,000 times more than a smartphone camera can achieve. For information, 1 gigapixel is equal to 1 billion pixels.

The interactive image allows you to zoom so intensely that you can see facial expressions of pedestrians. This photograph was taken from the top of the Pearl Tower of the Orient in Shanghai, the photo is a 360-degree view of the city.
You can discover photography on this dedicated website. Many other photographs exist of cities in North Korea, in Hong Kong but also in Macao.
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