Here is the first micro-brewery connected to make your own beer at home – FrAndroid

Here is the LG HomeBrew, it's the oddity of LG's stand at CES 2019. We have obviously been to see it.

There was not only the roll-up TV on LG's booth, the Korean builder also announced a "capsule-based craft beer system". You will see, the side "craft" is an exaggerated hair, since the simple operation is to press a button.

The first thing to do before starting beer making is to determine which beer you prefer … there are 5. Blonde, Brown, Stout, IPA and Pale Ale. These beers are produced from the same ingredients, it is a story of dosing, aromas, oil … but also a brewing time: 2 weeks for a white beer up to 4 weeks for a stout.

To make your beer, you will need capsules that contain hop oil and flavors, while the machine automates the entire process, from fermentation to carbonation and aging through service and cleaning. .
It will also fill the tank to the right with water, 5 liters, and the tank to the left of malt and yeast. Once the process is launched, you can follow it from the dedicated application or directly on the machine screen the various stages of manufacture. You will have an estimate of the remaining time before you can enjoy your beer.

The application is relatively simple, you can consult the different stages of brewing and inform you of the quantities of beer remaining in the small tank. A full brewing process allows you to obtain 5 liters of beer that will remain under pressure in the machine, then you can choose the temperature when you shoot it to taste it.
What to think of this machine? The microbrewery is a noble and ancient activity that is quite popular. Several of my friends have embarked on the adventure, there are failures and especially strong smells of hops in their apartment. Many people do it for pleasure or passion, so it's pretty frustrating to see a machine take care of everything. I think it's better to just invest in a printer in this case. Nevertheless, from a technology point of view, this connected microbrewery is ingenious.
No price or availability for the LG HomeBrew that may remain at the technology showcase stage to show how LG can equip the connected home.

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