Here's the OnePlus 7: the notch would make room for a retractable camera

According to one of the latest revelations from OnLeaks, the OnePlus 7 would adopt a retractable camera.

We know that OnePlus is preparing two smartphones that will be unveiled in a few weeks, including a 5G version. We also know that the OnePlus 7, successor of the OnePlus 6T, will not support the wireless charge, we will probably find the fast charge Warp Charge. We also know that the two smartphones OnePlus integrate Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, we could see a demo at the MWC 2019.

If we refer to the visual posted by OnLeaks, the OnePlus 7 would abandon the notch for a retractable camera. This system would depend on the mechanism of Vivo NEX, with a stepper motor that works to get out or return the photo module, which is itself installed on a kind of small rail. A spring is the link between the latter and the engine, but it is actually an endless screw that pushes the camera module.

There are also three cameras on his back, which we do not yet know the nature. At the MWC 2019, the triple camera modules have become the norm, there are also three cameras on most high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S10.

Its overall design is based on the OnePlus 6T, with a chin thicker than the top edge above the screen. It should also always integrate the integrated optical fingerprint sensor under the screen, and the headphone port would still not reappear (one can always dream).


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