Hololens 2: Microsoft launches new augmented reality headset … always for business – MWC 2019

This Sunday in Barcelona, ​​Microsoft took advantage of the conference day on the eve of the MWC 2019 to unveil its new augmented reality headset, the Microsoft Hololens 2, still oriented to the BtoB.

There are not only smartphones in life, there are mixed-reality headphones – or augmented – too. It could be more or less the reminder of Microsoft on the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the firm has presented its new helmet, the Hololens 2.
For this new model of helmet, Microsoft worked on the main defects of its predecessor with increased comfort, the detection of physical objects – not just plans – but especially an extended field of vision for further immersion.
A field of vision twice as wide
It must be said that the restricted field of view was one of the main criticisms made to the first model of the Microsoft helmet. For this Hololens 2, Microsoft has decided to double the field of vision of his helmet. In addition, the new Hololens uses a new eye tracking technology to optimize the 3D rendering of objects where you look.
The new Microsoft Hololens 2 helmet also offers a new 3D TOF sensor to better scan 3D objects in a room. If we have seen this technology used on smartphones like the Oppo RX17 Pro or the Honor View 20, it has not yet convinced us. No doubt, however, that 3D modeling will be more relevant in an augmented reality headset for professionals.
As the first Hololens helmet, the Microsoft Hololens 2 will be proposed above all to the professional market, for companies. It will be marketed at a high price, $ 3500 or subscription, as soon as it is released in the year.
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