Honor and Huawei would like to market TVs in 2019 to challenge Samsung and OnePlus

According to Chinese sources, Huawei and Honor are both thinking of bringing connected TVs to market in 2019.

The TV market is the scene of very difficult competition. At CES 2019 in particular, LG and Samsung were the fangs with their respective innovations that were detailed in video.

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But we must not forget the new challengers. OnePlus already announced its willingness to market soon its connected TV. Other brands are apparently also going for the first time in the arena.
According to a Chinese media quoted by Gizmochina, Honor wants to offer a TV in April 2019. And that's not all, the brand Huawei (which belongs to the same group) would aim for it an output of produced around the second half of the year.
Huawei's ambition
According to the information relayed, Huawei has a team of 200 to 300 employees dedicated to televisions. The ambition would be even to bet on a 5G compatibility to bring more easily 4K and 8K content on its screens.
There are no more elements to communicate on this subject, especially since neither of the two brands of the group wanted to comment on this information. However, we can already assume that the Chinese market will be the first (the only?) Concerned by these possible commercialization and that Huawei would focus more on high-end products, while Honor, faithful to its DNA, would focus its products on research good value for money.
In other words, one can easily imagine that Huawei would oppose Samsung, while Honor's opponent would be OnePlus.

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