How do you know if your home is eligible for fiber optics?

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    We are in 2019 and optical fiber is now starting to be available everywhere in France, mainly in large cities, but also in less dense areas. So it's a good time to know if your home can finally be connected to fiber optics. But how do you know if you are eligible for optical fiber? Here's everything you need to know about eligibility for fiber optics.

The deployment of fiber has never been so fast as it is now. At the end of 2018, more than 13 million homes were eligible for optical fiber, 32% more than in 2017. Growth that will accelerate further in the coming months under the pressure of the Very High Speed ‚Äč‚Äčplan launched by the State a few years ago. This is the perfect time to know if his home is eligible for fiber optics.
What are the steps to find out if your home is eligible for fiber optics?
How do we know if we finally have the fiber that arrives at home? There are many ways to know if your apartment or home can finally accommodate fiber optics. The first is simply to perform a test of eligibility for fiber optics online. There are dozens everywhere on the Internet. All you need for this eligibility test is your mailing address and possibly your current landline phone number. Once the information is entered, the site will tell you whether or not it is possible to access the fiber. Note that the fiber deployment is by building: if a building is fiber, all floors of the building are automatically.
The eligibility test in line with optical fiber (here that of RED by SFR) makes it possible to quickly know if its housing is eligible or not to the optical fiber.
Let's take an example. An eligibility test is available on the RED by SFR website, as for each operator. It offers two options: the first offers to enter its landline number. In our case, he was not recognized. All you have to do is switch to the second option of the eligibility test, which consists of entering your postal code and then your address. After a few seconds of loading, the RED by SFR test indicates which type of connection we are eligible for. In our case, it is optical fiber, because RED by SFR systematically chooses the fastest offer available for its potential customer. You are now ready to change your Internet provider.
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The offer of RED by SFR is one of the most interesting of the moment. It includes a RED Box ADSL or fiber (in FTTH or Very High Speed, depending on the location of your home) for 15 or 22 euros per month, for life. The Red Box package, in its fiber optic version, has many advantages. The greatest is undoubtedly that he understands the essential and nothing but the essential. On the one hand, it is without commitment. On the other hand, it offers a connection that can go up to 1 Gb / s download and 200 Mb / s sent with the offered option "Debit Plus".
In terms of price, the fiber offer of RED SFR at 22 euros per month without commitment is the most interesting of the moment.
How do I know if fiber is coming to my home soon?
Another way to verify that your municipality or department is or will soon be covered by the fiber is to go through the map of optical fiber deployments of ARCEP, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts, which oversees the deployment. optical fiber by operators in France. This map allows you to see exactly which areas are currently covered by optical fiber, but also to see the deployment history. And if you are passionate about numbers, know that ARCEP regularly updates its Observatory high and very high speed quarterly.

And if my home is not eligible for fiber optics?
You did an eligibility test and you have just learned that your home is not eligible for fiber optics? All is not lost. There are still some backup solutions: eligibility for an ADSL connection and especially eligibility for a very high speed connection. In the first case, it is the potentially slowest solution. But there are still ways to improve your fixed Internet connection.
The second, the very high speed connection (or THD) is a very acceptable alternative to the conventional optical fiber. When a home is indeed eligible for Very High Speed, it means that the optical fiber does not arrive directly in the housing, but often stops at the foot of the building. The connection is then made in coaxial cable, which provides downstream flows almost equivalent to the optical fiber, but a slightly lower flow rate.
An optical fiber cable. Image credit: Wikimedia.
And that's what the RED by SFR offer also offers. This is the advantage of the eligibility test of his website. If the optical fiber is not available directly in your home, it is possible to subscribe to a THD offer, priced at 22 euros per month. When optical fiber arrives in your home, it will be easily possible to terminate this offer as it is without commitment.
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