How does the recovery of an old smartphone by Back Market?

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    You have just acquired a brand new phone but you do not know what to do with the old one? Back Market takes over your old phone, even your old iPhone, in a simple, fast and secure way.

The end of year celebrations are now over. It is during this period that the French are equipped with a new phone. A nice gift that is fun, and that may have been able to take advantage of the many promotional offers since Black Friday.
But what about his old phone? To forget it in a drawer? Surely not. Put it on sale on a classifieds site? Why not, but it takes a little time.
Back Market, a French company dedicated to reconditioned, proposes to buy your electronic devices in an extremely simple and secure way. Discover below the quick steps to take.
How to get your phone back by Back Market?
It all starts on the Back Market site. After clicking on resell, you will only need a minute to estimate the price of your old smartphone. Start by indicating the product reference, the capacity, whether it is unlocked or not, and the general condition. The recovery price will then adjust in real time.
You will then need to send your phone to the buyer chosen automatically by Back Market. Two days after your online estimate, you will receive a Prepaid Shipping Kit from Back Market. It's very convenient because you have nothing to do or pay!
When you receive the bubble envelope, put your phone on it, paste the prepaid Colissimo voucher and simply send it by post. Do not forget to restore the factory settings.
Once the product has been received by the merchant, the transfer procedure is triggered on the account whose details you have entered on your Back Market profile.

And that's all ! Four small steps that make it easy to sell your old phone.
Why sell your phone on Back Market?
Unlike classified ad sites, reselling your old phone on Back Market is extremely quick and easy. A few clicks are enough to start the procedure. Neither do you need to find a cardboard, secure it and stick a tag on it. You receive at your address everything you need to send the phone to a reseller in a secure way. Because yes, the shipment is provided by Back Market in case of loss or breakage during transport.

Once the package is received by the buyer, the phone is checked by the buyer to make sure it matches the information you entered. Once this task is completed, the payment procedure is initiated. Back Market, as the intermediary of the transaction, makes sure everything goes smoothly.
But why keep his old phone, especially? Too many devices lie in the bottom of our drawers, so they could have a second life. The second-hand market allows many people to equip themselves with phones at a good price. The planet will also thank you: it is always less to produce or treat as waste. Especially since you can also sell a broken phone, both at the screen and the chassis. The buyer will be happy to receive it to pick up spare parts to repair other phones.

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