How to Become a Professional Drone Driver

How to Become a Professional Drone Driver



Content updated on March 5, 2019

The drone has won its acclaim and many pilots nowadays want to make it a full-time activity. There are those for whom flying a drone is a hobby and there are others who plan to make it a job. Whether you are in any of the categories, you will have to go through the apprenticeship, but, for the professional pilot, you will need to start with a flight training and get your certificate of theoretical aptitude of pilot of civil or military drone. To help you in your steps, it will be necessary to follow this curriculum: To train to obtain the theoretical patent of civilian and military pilot with that of ULM. You will need to register for the theoretical pilot test. Each aspiring pilot will have to validate his registration for the theoretical pilot examination he will have to obtain, however for pilots considering working in S4 scenario, a license is required. Get the skill level declaration (DNC) in order to have the necessary permissions to practice. Moreover, it will be necessary to be able to prove its possession to the authorities. You must have a DNC of the operator, but if you are this operator, you will make, then, a self-declaration which you will keep preciously to be able to present it at any request of the authorities. Aircraft weighing more than 25 kg (except captive aerostats), must obtain a certificate of competence from the directorates of the security of the civil aviation interregional (DSAC IR) territorially competent. write and keep a manual of use and maintenance and present it at any request of authorities.If your UAV is not standard, obtaining a certificate of design is mandatory. It must be issued by the Technical Directorate of Airworthiness and Operations (DSAC / NO / NAV) as a certificate of compliance of a particular aircraft with a type design certificate. Finally be handed identification marks (aircraft over 25 kg) for type design certification by the DSAC / NO / NAV cluster.

Organization of the operatorA special activities manual (MAP) must be kept up-to-date and available to the authorities if necessary. From the beginning of the activity, it must be announced to the DSAC IR (whose competences are territorial) ) and renewed every two years. In the month of January of each calendar year, an annual statement of activity is awaited by the DSAC IR (territorially competent). When an incident occurred in service, it must be brought immediately to the knowledge of the DSAC / NO / NAV and DSAC / NO / OH poles.Finally, the subscription to a professional insurance is required.Realization of a missionYou will be subjected to imperatives before making fly your drone.If you plan to fly over an area populated, I inform you that you must notify the prefecture territorially competent with a minimum of five working days notice.If you intend to fly out of sight or more than 50 m high above a location of entered military aviation, you will be required to warn as early as possible the day before D-Day and no later than 5 pm the day before.The agreement of the Regional Airspace Management Committees is necessary if you plan a permanent activity and if it must take place more than 150 meters, you will be asked to refer to the DSAC IR territorially responsible.In cases 1) a flight near an airport, 2) above a so-called protected area or 3) in overflight-restricted airspace (this is the case for prohibited, restricted or dangerous areas, CTR – controlled airspace), the approval of the competent authority In the case of an autonomous captive aerostat, ie not supervised by an operator or by telephone, its use must be brought to the attention of the DSAC IR territorially authorized. The online site www. takes up all the explanations and steps to be developed in this article. Some changes are planned during the next year (mid 2018), I urge you to read this article

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