How to configure or disable Bixby on Galaxy S10, S9, S8, Note 9 and Note 8?

If you have a Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, but also the S9, S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9, you've probably been dealing with Bixby. We will help you live better with Samsung's voice assistant.

Bixby is the assistant found on Samsung products, the equivalent of Google Assistant. It activates from several system interfaces, such as the left panel on the launcher or the dedicated physical button under the volume keys. The concern is that the Bixby voice assistant is still not available in French. In the long run, the assistant becomes quickly tiring and rarely useful, especially against Google Assistant.
How to disable the Bixby key?
If Samsung has allowed a time to disable the Bixby key, it is no longer possible natively in its One UI interface. Previously, it was enough to go to the left panel and disable the Bixby key. Now, you must set the button to give it a use – for example double support – that you will not use to make the button useless to launch Bixby.

It remains possible to use a third-party application such as bxActions. This application allows you to choose which functions to use according to which support – single, double or long – on the Bixby key. By not selecting any action, you will thus deactivate the button.
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How to reassign the Bixby button?
To reassign the Bixby button and use it to launch another application than the Samsung assistant, simply switch to the settings of your smartphone. After making sure that you are using the latest version of One UI and that you are connected to your Samsung account on Bixby, select "advanced features" in the settings, then "Bixby Key". You can then choose to assign a secondary function to the button.

It is not possible to completely disable the launch of Bixby by the button, but it can nevertheless be minimized. For example, by selecting "Double-tap to open Bixby" and then selecting a function in "Using simple support", you can launch the camera or your mailbox by pressing the button once. Bixby button. Note, however, that Samsung does not use this feature to open a competing wizard like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
How to disable the right panel Bixby?
To disable the right panel Bixby, a long press to manage the panels, you will then have a small box to uncheck on the panel of Bixby Home. It's the same manipulation to activate it.

How to disable the Bixby voice assistant?
If Samsung finally uses the Bixby button to launch a service other than its assistant, the Korean manufacturer is now more drastic for the voice assistant. It is no longer possible to disable Bixby Voice which will trigger if you say the phrase "Hi Bixby" or if you keep pressing the dedicated button.
On previous versions of Samsung, by displaying the voice assistant in large, you had access to the Bixby settings button, which has now disappeared. The Bixby Voice option could then be disabled directly from this setup screen.

These are official methods to limit the presence of Bixby. Unfortunately, he will always be there. We advise you to change the launcher: you can take that of Google or Apex. Finally, Samsung is working to block all the methods that allow to "remap" the button dedicated to Bixby. We could test including bxActions that works, even on the Galaxy S10. There is no indication, however, that the constructor will eventually block this feature.


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