How to make a story on Instagram – Tutorial for beginners

Want to make an Instagram story, but you do not know how to do it? Our tutorial is here to help you become a social media star.

"Did you see my story on Instagram? "His stories are too funny on Instagram! "… who has never heard such phrases, whether in his entourage or on public transport. By force, everyone now knows what a story is, but not everyone knows how it works. In this tutorial, we will see how to make a story on Instagram.
But before that, let's try to deliver a precise definition of a story on Instagram.
An Instagram story, what is it?
Here is the definition we propose: a story is a content (photo or video) – or a series of content – that is published on Instagram and automatically deleted after 24 hours. In addition to this ephemeral aspect, a story does not "pollute" the news thread of people who follow you. This is more to share moments of life than images really worked. Stories can be personalized with text, stickers, emojis or filters.
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Let's move on to practice now.
How to make a story on Instagram?
When you're on Instagram, just click on the camera's application logo. The icon is located at the top left of your screen. This action gives you access to the interface dedicated to creating a story. Serious things can begin.
First, be aware that the button shown by two rotating arrows, at the top of the screen, is used to switch between the front and back camera of your smartphone. Also in the upper part of the interface, the smiley button opens the filter gallery available and you can consult before or after shooting.
We are almost there ! On the bottom of the screen, a carousel allows you to explore the different shooting modes available (Boomerang, super zoom, portrait …), to launch a live video or simply to write text on a colored background. As part of this tutorial, we will focus on the "Normal" mode.
Finally, you will see a circle at the bottom of the interface. Press briefly to take a photo and book your best long press for the moments you want to record a video.
Once you have taken your picture or video and you are satisfied, you just have to customize (it is obviously not required). As we said, the smiley at the top of the screen allows you to choose the filter. But you can also add a sticker or emoji with the sticker key, draw a word or drawing by hand with the pen or type text over the image by pressing the button "Aa" .

This step is complete, just send your story by pressing the dedicated button at the bottom left, underlined by the explicit inscription "Your story". You can also share the content with your close friends (this is a contact list that you can set on Instagram) or tap the "Send to" button to choose a particular recipient.
Then to add photos or videos to your story, just repeat this tutorial from the beginning.
What you must remember
To retain only the essentials, here is a list of steps to follow to make a story on Instagram:
Tap on the Instagram logo in the shape of a camera
Choose your shooting mode
Tap briefly on the circle for a photo and hold for a video
Personalize your content with emojis, stickers, text or a filter
Publish your story
Repeat the process to complete your story
Do not hesitate to consult our dedicated guide to find the perfect application for unique stories on Instagram.
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