How to pre-order the Hearthstone expansion: Awakening Shadows with Amazon?

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    It's time for the great turmoil on Hearthstone. Blizzard is preparing to launch a new season for his card game, but also a new extension. The awakening of shadows is his name, will be released on April 9 and it is already possible to pre-order the extension. It is also possible to get between 10 and 15 euros cheaper through the Amazons Coins. Here's how.

Each year, Blizzard launches a new season for its Hearthstone card game. This is undoubtedly the most interesting time of the year for the players since a good part of the cards are removed from the standard game mode to renew the main strategies, what is called the meta.
Maneuvers, lackeys, double spells: What's new in the extension?
This new season will be under the sign of the Dragon and the first expansion was announced Thursday, March 14th. It is called The Awakening of Shadows. The main villains of the game that we saw in the previous extensions have indeed been associated to make the arsenal of cards more evil players. This is obviously an opportunity for developers to introduce new game mechanics.

There are three of them at the moment. The lackeys, for example, are low-cost servants who are generated by certain cards and who have immediate effects on the board. Their cries of war, often random, come to improve the other servants present on the set. A full article on all the new features of this new extension is available at this address.
Two new types of spells are also appearing. Maneuvers are by far the most interesting. These are spells that gain power each turn in the player's hand. Double spells mean spells that create a copy of themselves in the player's hand when they are thrown. Finally, Hearthstone would not be Hearthstone without new legendary servants. Three of them have already been announced, including the Prince of Evil Rafaam, with statistics sturdy, which replaces the hand and the deck of the player by legendary servants.

Blizzard requires, only eight cards of the new expansion have been revealed. More surprises will be unveiled in the coming days. Hearthstone: The awakening of the shadows is scheduled for April 9 and it is already possible to pre-order.
How to order the cheapest extension on the Amazon Appstore?
This pre-order is available in two formats. The first is a standard "pack" consisting of 50 expansion card packs, Lazul's Stone card back and a random legendary Shadow Awakening card, available at 49.99 euros. The second is the "megapack" which includes 80 packs of expansion cards, a new hero portrait (the priest Mrs. Lazul), the back of Lazul's Stone card and a random golden legendary card of The Awakening of the Shadows, available at a price of 79.99 euros.

The price of these two pre-orders can however be considerably softened by pre-ordering with Amazon Coins. The corner is Amazon's virtual currency that can be used to make in app purchases in apps available on Amazon's store, including Hearthstone. The discounts are increasing according to the number of coins purchased and they are usable exclusively for games downloaded from the Amazon Appstore.
             How to use Amazon Coins?
For example, it's possible to buy the Shadow Awakening megapack for 8000 Amazon Coins. This only costs 65 euros by buying 5000 coins (40 euros), 2500 Coins (20.50 euros) and 500 Coins (4.5 euros). The classic pack can be purchased for 5000 Amazon Coins for 40 euros. Reductions of 15 and 10 euros respectively.
             5,000 Amazon Coins for 40 euros
             2,500 Amazon Coins for 20,50 euros
             500 Amazon Coins for 4.50 euros
How to install the Amazon Appstore?
In order to take advantage of corner discounts for your integrated Hearthstone purchases, you must first install the Amazon Appstore. The installation is very simple and takes place in 3 stages:

Download the application on this link or enter this address on the internet browser of your smartphone: (you can also find it very easily by searching Amazon Appstore on Google).
Then open the Downloads application with the notification or in your application menu, choose the Amazon_App.apk file and press install. To install a .APK file, follow our tutorial.

All you have to do is launch the Amazon Appstore app and authenticate to your Amazon account. The apps are located in the left menu on the Appstore Amazon category. In order to install Hearthstone, you can simply search for the application in the search bar and then install it.
You can install Hearthstone and use the corners you have previously obtained to pre-order the Shadow Awakening extension directly on the game, the store is linked to your Amazon account.
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