How to resell smartphones and electronics that you do not want anymore

We regularly change the smartphone and the many periods of promotions push us to buy more and more electronic devices. However, there is a moment when they take up space – and dust – and want to sell them again. Many sites like eBay or LeBonCoin exist and it's not easy to navigate, so follow the guide!
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The second-hand market is booming, self-help sites and classified ads are really successful, they allow for some to resell objects they no longer need and for others to buy from lower cost. Everybody wins. But it is complicated to find one's way, so here are our tips to rid your closets or discreetly exchange a gift that you do not like.

Estimate the resale price
This is obviously an important point: before reselling, you have to estimate the resale price. This price depends on many parameters, such as the state of your smartphone (or other tech product), the fact that it is still under warranty, but also its coast (depending on supply and demand). To determine this, we advise you to look for ads of a similar product on eBay and LeBonCoin, but also to keep a watch on merchant sites and other market places.
Of course, if you sell your smartphone more expensive than its new price, you will need luck. Do not hesitate to specify in your announcement if you are ready to negotiate and if the shipping costs are included in the selling price.

FrAndroid forum, classifieds and tips
Various sales channels are available to you. We can only advise you to go through our forum, where enthusiasts offer from time to time good deals and where you can take the temperature of the prices before starting you too in the trade. You will find it at this address: FrAndroid Forum.

To get the best price for your equipment, it's best to sell it directly to another individual. We advise you to share at first the announcement with your entourage, on social networks for example.
The other solution is to turn to classified ads and you will have the choice between platforms. Indeed, various free applications compatible with iOS as Android are available and allow you to follow your dealings wherever you are.
The good corner
LeBonCoin is the must-have: strong demand and lots of offers. It is also the best place to be had. We have some tips to follow, which you can also adopt on other classified sites.
For the title of your ad, short and informative. For example: "Samsung Galaxy S9 (32GB) Black, new condition with invoice". If you sell a smartphone, indicate some characteristics (color, quantity of storage, general condition). Give as much detail as you can without getting too long. Put several pictures, especially on notable items (if you have some scratches, indicate it and take a picture). You really have to reassure the buyer, put yourself in his place.
LeBonCoin is also a benchmark for scammers of all kinds. In case of sale by hand, choose cash. Refuse the checks and pass through payments via intermediaries (like PayPal or bank transfer). We also advise you to create a dedicated phone number, for example via the ON / OFF application.
Advantages :
It's easy to use
It's a known site with a lot of traffic
You have to be very vigilant against scams
No payment security
You can download the dedicated application, or go through the website.
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                        The first classifieds platform in France
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On Facebook many groups exist for classified ads, self help and buying, selling, trading devices.
You can find them easily by searching by keywords such as "buy sale" + the name of your city. Once in a group you will only have to post your ad and then manage the comments / private messages. Be sure to check the invitation requests to discuss privately. All this is happening on Facebook Marketplace.

Advantages :
It's easy to use
A lot of users
Great opportunities for scams, stay alert!
No payment security, follow the advice we gave above
Feel free to post on your news feed to your friends, with nice photos to accompany the announcement.
You can also go through private groups, such as:
Other classifieds sites
There are many other classified ad sites that lack visibility and traffic. We still selected some of them, like Wallapop, Stootie (which offers the possibility of secure payment), but also the famous eBay (which has lost some of its notoriety, but offers the security of payment with PayPal). Be careful though, eBay takes large commissions if you go through their payment system, which is often mandatory to reassure buyers.
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                        Ask for help for all everyday tasks
                                                                Find a deal at the best price in 10 minutes
                                                                Read reviews to be sure of the person you choose
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                        Millions of references
                                                                Buy and sell with ease
                                                                Save money with great deals
Market places
The other solution is to go through a marketplace. This is an interesting place for more than one reason: it secures payments, but you will have commissions to pay back to the platforms. PriceMinister is a kind of specialist and can intervene in case of dispute. Note that the time of reception of the payment is important, it is necessary to wait until the buyer validates the reception of the product.
Amazon can also resell tech products, just go to the product page of your item for sale then click on "Sell on Amazon". As an individual, if you sell less than 25 products per month, the basic offer is sufficient.

You have several options: you can ship the product yourself to the buyer or simply send it to an Amazon distribution center and Amazon will ship it to customers when ordering. Thanks to the Amazon Ships service, items are eligible for free delivery as part of Amazon Premium. Obviously, Amazon will take its margin on the sale: on the tech, about 12% commission.
Mobile recycling online
If you do not want to bother your head, the recycling sites will allow you to estimate your products for sale and especially you will buy them. Obviously, it is less profitable than a direct sale, but you will cash your money fairly quickly with a certain security. Be careful though, compare the estimates between several services and feel free to be specific about the status of your device. You will notice that brands less known in France, like Xiaomi for example, are not taken into account.
Here are the services we recommend:
Physical signs
Those who are in a hurry will be able to go to Cash Converters. Check before the transaction the price you just think to avoid disappointment!
Advantages :
present in all medium-sized cities
the sale is immediate if the fixed price is suitable
redemption price often very low
sellers are rarely connoisseurs
Sales tips
Selling is an art, but also and above all a matter of prudence. It is a question of evaluating the value of the object on sale according to the prices practiced by the other resellers of similar products (needless to play the greedy ones, you would stay with your device on the arms), to find the most tailored to your needs, and find a trusted buyer.
To do this, you must ensure a sound transaction from end to end: post a clear announcement mentioning the date of purchase, the state of wear and accessories delivered with the device, delete your personal data and your eventual ROM (remember to save everything before), choose the delivery mode of the simplest terminal according to your situation … and do not forget to communicate to your buyer invoices and guarantees, while having him sign a sales certificate in two copies .
Here is a copy of the certificate available to you on Google Drive.

It's your turn !
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