How to test the speed of your Internet connection

To know the speed of your internet connection, a lot of solutions are available. We recommend two speedtest platforms for their ease of use.
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Whatever network we use to reach the wonderful world of the web (optical fiber, ADSL, 4G …), it is always interesting to test the speed of internet connection that we enjoy.
To do this, the Internet speed test solutions available are multiple and always very easy to use. We suggest using two speedtest tools: one is offered by Google, the other is provided by Netflix.
Google's speedtest
Google already knows how to do everything and offers a slew of services of all kinds. Thus, the colossus in four colors obviously also offers to check the speed of your internet connection. For this, no need to install any application or even to go on a dedicated website: a simple Google search is enough.
In the input field, type "speedtest" or "internet speed test" – or click on this link. You will see a Google map appear above the search results. The box then offers you to check your flow in less than 30 seconds. It is also specified that your device will then connect to the servers of M-Lab, an open source platform co-founded by Google.

The rest is obvious: click on the blue button "Launch the speed test" and wait for the tool to do its work.
It also works on your smartphone. The steps to follow are exactly the same., the speedtest of Netflix
The second solution that we recommend is the site powered by the video streaming giant, Netflix. Important to know: this tool focuses on the downflow and you have to click on the button "See more info" for latency and upstream flow.
But what is interesting here is that connects to the Netflix servers and gives a better indication of the quality of the video you can enjoy on the SVoD platform. You can then compare your flow with Netflix recommendations:
Netflix RecommendationsInternet Debug
Minimum required0.5 Mb / s
Recommended connection speed1.5 Mb / s
Recommendation for SD3 Mb / s quality
Recommendation for HD5 Mb / s quality
Recommendation for Ultra HD25 Mb / s quality
To use, just go to the site. The internet connection speed test will start automatically.

On mobile, you can also download the application of the same name.
                        Fast is the speedtest tool offered by Netflix. It has the particularity of testing the speed of your Internet connection by connecting to …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Test the speed of your Internet connection
                                                                Connected to Netflix servers
                                                                Very easy to use

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