How to use a VPN to bypass the geoblocking of Netflix?

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    When it comes to circumventing the geographic limitations of the Netflix catalog or any other streaming service, you are always advised to use a VPN. Here's how.

To access the US catalog Netflix from France there is only one solution: use a VPN. A VPN is simply an application or software that allows – among other things – to relocate its IP address on a server located in a foreign country to make the streaming services believe that your device is located in the country in question .
If setting up a VPN may seem technical, in fact, it is not. The first step is first to find the right VPN. In our case, we will use the Cyberghost VPN. When it comes to getting around the geoblocking of Netflix, it turns out to be one of the best. On the one hand because its servers are fast and specialized in unlocking streaming services. On the other hand, because the interface of Cyberghost is undoubtedly one of the most ergonomic and easy to handle.
What manipulations to access the Netflix catalog with a VPN?
Once the VPN is installed, just launch it. In the case of Cyberghost, you have to scroll down the options to display all the servers on which you can connect, then go to the section "For streaming". Here is a list of servers by country each specialized for a service: Netflix or Amazon Prime for the United States, Channel 4 or BBC iPlayer for the United Kingdom, but also RMC or Canal Plus for France … If you ever while traveling abroad and want to see football matches.
In its interface, Cyberghost allows to select servers specialized in streaming.
In our case, we want to access the US catalog Netflix. Once the server is selected, all you have to do is press the "Log In" button. By going to the Netflix website or launching the application on his PC or smartphone, the catalog will then automatically display the series and films from the US SVOD service catalog. To you the last Avengers, the Indestructible 2 or Star Wars: The Last Jedi … In VO subtitled in English, be warned!
Here is the list of movies that can be seen on the Netflix US catalog.
The VPN, a real Swiss digital knife
A VPN is not just used to bypass the geoblocking of Netflix or the various streaming services on the Internet. In the case of Cyberghost, its interface makes it possible to connect very quickly to servers specialized in torrent downloading, to better protect its privacy from potential spies or hackers, but also to connect to more than 3700 servers distributed in 60 countries around the world. Servers that can either bypass the censorship of a country that limits freedom of expression or simply reduce the price of his vacation by checking, for example, fluctuations in the price of a plane ticket depending on the country in which you are connected.
Cyberghost is also available on mobile, here on iOS.
Cyberghost is as such a premium VPN, complete and secure. This provider has committed not to keep any data concerning the users of its application. Better, it has on its website a page dedicated to the transparency of information to see which organizations request data from users each year. A commitment that free VPN providers do not apply. Finally, to better explain to its users why it is more important than ever to protect their privacy, Cyberghost recently launched an information site, The Privacy Hub, which features articles on cybersecurity and Internet freedom. .
Only 2.75 euros per month
Cyberghost is a solution to effectively protect your data online. It is also complete and accessible. It is currently possible to buy a subscription to Cyberghost 3 years at a price of 88 euros, or 2.45 euros per month, one of the lowest rates on the market. A license that can then cover up to 7 devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, but also Android TV, Chrome and Firefox) simultaneously.
All the advantages of Cyberghost at a glance with this table.
             Discover Cyberghost from 2.45 euros per month
                        Ideal to occupy its Sundays to binge watcher entire seasons of exclusive series. Netflix arrived in France in 2014 and became …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        A large catalog of films and series including many exclusives
                                                                Customized recommendations according to your tastes
                                                                Up to 5 profiles for the whole family

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