HP Unveils AMOLED Specter x360, Chromebook and Monstrous Screen at CES 2019

The HP manufacturer naturally takes advantage of CES 2019 to unveil a range of new computers and luxury Tech products. Among them, we especially remember the specter x360 screen 15 inches AMOLED, tons of Chromebook and a new BFG screen.

The CES 2019 starts today, and the builders are naturally busy presenting their new products. The show is traditionally more oriented to PCs than smartphones, and it shows.
From now on, HP presents us its new products for 2019. Among the classic devices stand out some very interesting products for us, which we present in this article.
HP Specter 15 x360 AMOLED

HP has introduced a new computer for its range of Spectrum laptops. The Spectrum 15 x360 has for him to integrate a new slab 15 inches AMOLED direct from Samsung.
The manufacturer promises HDR support with a contrast ratio of 100,000: 1, and 100% compatibility of the DCI-P3 color space. The response time of the screen should also be very small for optimum comfort.
Problem being that's just about all the information we have on this new device. Its future configurations are not known, as is its price or release date. But count on the fact that it will be an ultra-premium device, so sold at a high price.
HP Chromebook 14

The biggest specificity of the new HP Chromebook 14 is to be the first Chromebook to use an architecture created by AMD and not Intel. The new HP Chromebooks integrate the AMD A4 CPU.
Otherwise, you will be able to enjoy a simple 14-inch WLED panel in HD or Full HD IPS definition, or a WLED HD touch panel. All of these configurations come with 4 GB of DDR4-1866 RAM and 32 GB of eMMC storage.
The basic configuration will cost $ 269. With the 1080p screen or touch configuration, this price increases to $ 299. The new HP Chromebook 14 will be available in January in the United States.

HP Chromebook x360 14

The configuration of the new Chromebook x360 14 is not entirely known, but we already know that it will take advantage of the latest Intel Core i7. We can count on Y declination at very low consumption.
The special feature of the new version of HP's well-known transformable is that it can take advantage of its USB Type C port to connect quickly and easily to any screen. The manufacturer also promises more than 13 hours of autonomy.
However, we do not know at what price or when the device will be made available.

OMEN X Emperium 65 with soundbar

Gamer side, OMEN by HP also has a lot of beautiful ads. But among them, we will especially remember the OMEN X Emporium, a new TV part of the label "BFG" (for Big Format Gaming, but also in reference to DOOM) Display created by Nvidia.
This is a large slab of 65 inches in 4K UHD definition supporting a refresh rate up to 144 Hz and Nvidia G-Sync HDR technology. It is certified DisplayHDR 1000 (the highest rate) and promises a response time of 4 ms and 95% DCI-P3 coverage. Like all "BFG display", it directly integrates an Nvidia Shield – with its Tegra X1 processor – and therefore Android TV.
On this screen with above-average capabilities is added a special soundbar with a three-way speaker and three stereo amplifiers. It fits perfectly below the screen, but can also be placed differently.
OMEN Emperium 65 will be available in February at a low price of $ 4,999.


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