Huawei accused of plagiarizing a clip for one of his commercials

New Zealand composer Nigel Stanford accuses Huawei of being "too much" inspired by one of his clips for the MediaPad M3 Lite commercials. A difficult accusation to refute by looking at the plans of the two videos side by side.
Cymatics clip capture by Nigel Stanford
Huawei's future is not as bright as expected, says the founder of the Chinese firm. The present is not necessarily good either because if the products of the manufacturer find their audience, Huawei chained the setbacks. Suspicions of espionage raised by the United States seem to affect the rest of the world, some members of the company are arrested here and there for espionage and now the Shenzhen company is suspected of plagiarism.
New Zealand composer Nigel Stanford has posted a message on Facebook stating that a company has "copied its Cymatics video to sell Huawei MediaPad tablets." He supports his accusations of screenshots of the two videos, on which it is more difficult not to notice the inspiration as the shots are similar, even in the angle of the shot.
Both videos are available here and here.

Help! A company has copied my Cymatics video to sell 'Huawei MediaPad' tablets! Seen at Tesco Extra, UK. If you are …
Posted by Nigel Stanford on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

However, the artist is not (yet) directly Huawei in his message, and also quotes Tesco Extra, the dealer where he could see the spot in question. However, it is hard not to turn a blind eye to the manufacturer who hosts the video on his official Malaysian YouTube channel.
We have contacted Huawei to have an official comment on the subject and are currently waiting for an answer from them.
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