Huawei allegedly tried to steal Apple Watch technology according to an investigation

An investigation says that Huawei has tried to mimic the heart rate sensor of the Apple Watch by asking directly to the supplier of the US company to deliver their secrets against the promise of a large order of components.

In the legal battle with the US government, Huawei is accused of stealing a robot to the US operator T-Mobile. But this is apparently not the only case of industrial espionage involving the Chinese manufacturer and an American firm.
The US survey site The Information – relayed by 9to5Mac – explains that Huawei would have tried to imitate the Apple Watch heart rate sensor technology by asking Apple brand suppliers to reveal their secrets.
Huawei and Apple's suppliers
One example is where Huawei engineers working on a prototype watch would have met a supplier sometime in the autumn of 2018. They allegedly tried to extract the characteristics of the Apple Watch heart rate sensor. by promising their interlocutor to place a large order of components.
Huawei's engineers reportedly said their watch design was similar to Apple's. At the same time, they would have refused to share their drawings while encouraging the supplier to estimate a selling price for the component.
Another example reported by The Information is a photo sent to the supplier by an engineer from Huawei. According to the media, the picture was accompanied by the following sentence: "do not hesitate to suggest a design that you have already experimented". The supplier refused to cooperate.
All about Apple
The Information also reports that several companies – including Huawei – allegedly bribed workers on Apple's production lines to sketch components by describing all the information they knew.
Finally, the survey also quotes a former Apple employee who had applied at Huawei. He says he was mostly asked about Apple's roadmap for its products before saying that Huawei officials "were more interested in trying to get to know Apple than they were." to commit myself ".

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