Huawei fines two employees for tweeting from an iPhone

Huawei has severely punished two employees who made the serious mistake of tweeting from an iPhone.

Basically, this is a running gag running on the internets for a long time. Indeed, it happens more or less regularly that an Android manufacturer shares a message on Twitter using an iPhone. And everyone sees it, because the social network with the blue bird specifies below publications if they were posted via "Twitter for iPhone" or "Twitter for Android".
These small mistakes are not, in themselves, so serious. We smile, we move on and we forget. Alas, for two employees of Huawei, the consequences are a little heavier. On the occasion of the eve, the Chinese manufacturer wished his best wishes to his community. However, as noted by the YouTUBeur MKBHD, the message was posted from an iPhone. The opportunity to make a joke.

That was fast
– Brownlee Brands (@MKBHD) January 1, 2019

Severe punishment
Bloomberg reveals that after this little dumpling, Huawei punished the two responsible employees by downgrading them and deducting 5000 yuan (about 640 euros) from their monthly salary. One of the two employees was the head of the digital marketing team.
Note that at first, Huawei had blamed a communications agency, before finally applying this sanction. The punishment is particularly severe in view of the very serious gravity of the alleged error. It must be said that the Chinese company is particularly aggressive in its anti-Apple communication.
Huawei vs Apple
We recall for example the ironic thanks sent by Huawei to Apple after the presentation of the latest iPhone or the external batteries distributed to customers of the brand to the apple when they with the mention "you will need it".
To go even further, it should also be noted that the context is quite tense between Huawei and Apple, both spearheads of their respective countries, opposed in a political and economic conflict.

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