Huawei indicted, China reacts to US charges

Huawei has been indicted by the US government. Following this, the company itself as well as the Chinese foreign minister react to these accusations.

Tensions between North America and China are getting worse. And alas, a builder has become synonymous with these: Huawei.
Now indicted by the US Justice Department on charges including theft, fraud and obstruction of justice, the Chinese automaker is in a complicated position for 2019. It is receiving at least support from the Chinese government today.
China supports Huawei
The brand naturally wanted to respond to the latest legal news about it. A spokesman for the company said:
"Huawei is disappointed to learn the charges against the company. [Elle] is not aware of misbehavior on the part of Ms. Meng, and believes that the US legal system will eventually draw the same conclusions. "
Above all, a strong support is allied to the manufacturer: the Chinese government. The Minister of Foreign Affairs said:
"We strongly urge the US to stop this unreasonable attack on Chinese companies, including Huawei." He calls for the "arrest warrant to be withdrawn immediately" and "to cease such extradition requests".
The arrest of Wanzhou Meng, Huawei's CFO and daughter of the brand's founder, was clearly the biggest blow in this case covering several counts.
China's internal policy changes
This support is not only moral. The Chinese government has also planned to change its territorial policy to allow Huawei to offset the losses of the international market.
Thus, the Chinese government will change several developments within its own country:
Accelerated deployment of 5G in the country
Accelerated deployment of 4K channels
Subsidization of television equipment and some RA / RV products
Encourage citizens to consume more
If such support seems strange, it must be considered that Tech services and products alone represent 6% of the GDP of the country according to the figures of the Internet Society of China, which is massive. It's a safe bet that Huawei represents a very large part of this 6%, making it a good idea for the government to support the company.

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