Huawei Mate X: a smartphone that can not be used in bed – MWC 2019

[&]We had the opportunity to get a little closer to the Huawei Mate X, which allowed us to learn an unfortunate detail: it may be difficult to use in bed in folded mode. [/chapo]
Clément Wong and the Huawei Mate X – Credit: FrAndroid
The star of the MWC 2019 is undoubtedly the Huawei Mate X, the collapsible smartphone and 5G of the Chinese manufacturer. Very shy, however, the beautiful remained under his glass bell and did not let too close to ready during the show. However, we were able to talk with Clément Wong, Marketing Director at Huawei, and see the smartphone in working order.
During the discussion and various manipulations of the businessman, we were told that the screen is lit in an intelligent way. Thus, when the Mate X is in "tablet" mode, the entire screen is lit, but when folded, only a section of it is usable. Look at a face, it turns on, turn the phone and the part of the usable screen changes automatically.
An unusable smartphone in bed
This is a practical and interesting use, but one that may have some disadvantages. Indeed to guess which screen it should turn on, the Huawei Mate X is based on its accelerometers and activates the highest face, the one that is usually turned to your eyes when using your smartphone standing or sitting.
But let's go back to the situation, and the smartphone, to find ourselves lying in a bed under the smartphone. If you visualize the situation and read the title of this article, you must understand that you will then face a screen off and the one that is turned on is then towards your hand.
This is a rather annoying situation. After raising my concern to Clément Wong, he explained to me that "maybe a developer can develop an application[qui permettra de choisir]". In the meantime, first-time buyers may be limited to using the Huawei Mate X in tablet mode when they are in bed, unless of course that Huawei is aware of the problem before the release of the phone and corrects the shot here the output of the phone.
An output "according to the 5G"
For the record, the Huawei Mate X costs 2299 euros and should come out in the middle of the year. Its output will nevertheless be heavily dependent on the deployment of 5G, and it is not said that we can enjoy it at the same time as other countries.

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