Huawei Mate X: the collapsible smartphone already seen in Barcelona

On the eve of its presentation, the Huawei Mate X is already showing on the walls of Barcelona. What an idea of ​​the design of the first folding smartphone (and 5G) Huawei.

Everything was set like music paper. At D-1, Huawei had managed to keep the whole mystery around his foldable smartphone and 5G. But in the final stretch, the mistake: the installation of the promotional posters was done in the eyes and known of all.
Thus, a Twitter user has published a photo allowing us to finally know what this smartphone will look like with a folding screen on the outside (unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold whose folding screen is inside), but also learn his name: Huawei Mate X.
Still weird ratios?
We can see that this Huawei Mate X is very long, a little like the screen of the Galaxy Fold, and unfolds on a screen that seems closer to the 4: 3 than 16: 9. However, Huawei is expected to formalize to actually comment on these ratios.
Also note that the device is completely borderless and that the sensors (the 3 cameras and the scanner of fingerprints) seem located at the level of its handle (its edge?).
For now, these are just conclusions drawn from a poster design. We will know more during the conference of the manufacturer to be held this Sunday at 14 hours in the MWC 2019.
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