Huawei Mate X: the foldable smartphone and 5G put on the novelty at the MWC 2019

Highly anticipated, Huawei's first collapsible and 5G smartphone was announced with great fanfare during the manufacturer's conference at the MWC 2019. An original product that wants to offer a unique user experience.

He was teased, he was leaked, he is now official. Who would have thought a few years ago, when Huawei was then a small manufacturer at the end of the world, he would present a few days after Samsung one of the most revolutionary smartphones of his era? And yet, the P range has given way to Barcelona's Huawei Mate X, an amazing collapsible smartphone.
If a YouTubeur tried to spoil the surprise, his information was not accurate. Here is the partial data sheet of the Huawei Mate X:
SoC Kirin 980
5G Balong 5000 modem
6.6 inch main screen
6.38 "rear screen (not 6.2")
8 "unfolded screen
Triple rear camera
4500 mAh battery
Super Charge 55W
Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X has made the bold choice to curl outward. However, it allows him to have only one screen instead of two, and to arrange around a kind of handle to ensure a practical grip, a little like what proposed Sony with his Tablet S in 2011.
As Huawei pointed out, this has the advantage of allowing the use of a real screen everyday, and not just a small display as on the Samsung smartphone. On the other hand, the counterpart is at the level of protection since Huawei's official flip-top shell no longer allows the smartphone to be opened and therefore to take advantage of its main feature.
Focus on the user experience
If the technology is there, it still remains to invent the uses of such a screen, and Huawei tries to answer this question by focusing on the user experience.
One of the possibilities related to this folding screen is to be able to display information both at the front and back of the phone. A bit like some manufacturers have with the rear screen, the Huawei Mate X offers to display the preview of a photo when capturing the back of the phone. Ideal for taking selfies with the best cameras, or to allow the model to have a preview of the final rendering and thus adapt to the frame.

The rest of the uses, more traditional, are not indented so far and the 55W recharge allows for example to recover 85% of battery in 30 minutes.
Price and availability date
The Huawei Mate X is announced at a price of 2299 euros. A price higher than for Samsung, but that is explained at least in part by the presence of a complete 5G modem (NSA and stand-alone).
For the release date, however, we will have to wait a little longer since the only indication we have for the moment is "mid-year", with no guarantee that it concerns France.

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