Huawei mocks (kindly) media who wrongly accuse him

Huawei has been accused of promoting his future P30 Pro with photos taken with the SLR. The Chinese firm emphasizes that it has never been said the opposite and even takes the opportunity to tease the media in passing.

This duck photo was not taken at P30 Pro. The volcano photo that you have possibly seen pass either. For some, the information was apparently not so obvious.
Huawei wrongly accused
A few days before the presentation of the P30 and P30 Pro, Huawei does not hesitate to talk about its future smartphones and especially their camera, become a cornerstone of the brand since the partnership with Leica.
One of the features expected on this new range is the x10 zoom to get closer even more than with the x5 zoom Mate 20 Pro. And to put this feature forward, Huawei has created marketing images with a very marked magnifying effect.

For some media, it is seen as a deception, since the photos in question come, as is often the case for marketing images, databases, and are taken with SLR cameras.
Huawei defends himself
The firm in Shenzhen is still defending today through a statement sent to AndroidAuthority. It evokes the misunderstanding since it has never been mentioned, or even implied, that these images were taken with a smartphone of the brand.
As is often the case in marketing, these images are only intended to illustrate the possibilities of a function without revealing too much about the device to come. Huawei also takes the opportunity to indicate that these images were acquired legally and not used without the consent of their respective photographers.

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Amused by the affair, Huawei ended by adding "we would like to take this opportunity to thank the media for their interest in our posters". Far from being at fault, Huawei has been highlighted by these articles which will have made him a good publicity.
No smoke without fire
If there is not much to blame Huawei on this campaign, we must admit that the brand has a liability that can disturb the minds. Accustomed to cheating, the Chinese giant had already put professional photos for snapshots taken by his smartphones. This was the case for the P9, but also for the Nova 3i. It is therefore normal to be suspicious.
Moreover, the camera is not the only point on which Huawei is not perfectly clear. It will be recalled that the company has already been pinned for having optimized its smartphones for certain benchmarks.
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