Huawei VS Samsung: the shock of 2019! We talk about it in our podcast

The hilarious band of Hi Techie returns for a new episode, where it is about the confrontation of two major Asian brands: on the one hand Samsung, the indisputable leader for many years, and on the other Huawei, the brand uphill.

While Samsung has dominated the mobile market for several years now, the Huawei brand has managed to set its pace in 2018, hitting hard with the Huawei P20 at the start of the year. This allowed the Chinese firm to grow very well, to the point of teasing Apple's numbers several times, while the Samsung Galaxy S9 played the repetition of the S8.
The dynamic was particularly favorable for Huawei, which has however experienced several legal problems, especially in the US, which tarnishes its image. Samsung, for its part, intends to hit hard with the Galaxy S10, whose presentation approaches. In other words, the cards are redistributed.
Hi Techie, episode 17
To evoke the fight between these two brands, we are pleased to welcome Gaël Weiss, former editor of FrAndroid and loyal observer of the world of tech. To listen to the show, go to this address, or simply use the player below.

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