Huawei will spend $ 2 billion to secure loopholes he says he does not have

Huawei has announced a budget of 2 billion dollars (about 1.76 million euros) to secure its infrastructure over the next 5 years and reassure its potential partners, including Americans. The Chinese giant takes the opportunity to recall that no evidence of any fault has ever been revealed.
Mate 20 Pro also designed by Huawei
At a press conference in Dongguan, China, Huawei Technologies re-examined its plans for the future of its telecommunication services, and more specifically the security around them.
For several months, Huawei has been singled out by some governments, including that of Donald Trump. The equipment manufacturer would indeed for some at the boot of Beijing and would have kept willful backdoors in its network infrastructure to let the Chinese government watch communications from around the world. No evidence to this effect has been provided yet.
2 billion invested in security
On Tuesday, to reassure its current and future partners, Huawei Technologies, the industry leader, reiterated its interest in security by saying it should spend $ 2 billion over the next 5 years in cybersecurity. Information reported by the very serious Reuters news agency. This budget would be used to recruit new people and modernize its laboratories to combat the risks associated with its network equipment and thus address global concerns.
A budget to respond to rumors
Despite the investment, Ken Hu, the current president of the firm, recalls that "any concern or allegation of safety related to Huawei should be based on factual evidence," and that is not the case at the moment.
These security issues, however, have pushed American operators to do without the Chinese giant for the development of their 5G network. A path that Japan could follow as well. One can therefore legitimately wonder if this investment in security can improve the image of Huawei in the world.
In France, Huawei is not in the bad graces of the government or operators in general, but Orange has already indicated that the equipment manufacturer was not part of its partners for the deployment of 5G. Bouygues and SFR, on the other hand, have already conducted tests with equipment from the world's leading sector.
Ken Hu also recalls this positioning with a mocking tone stating that "banning competitors from the market can not make you better".
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