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    Apart from its canonical smartphones, Huawei also offers entry-level devices at very low prices: the Y. We tested the Y7 2018 to see if the watch that is currently buying the whole market comes to offer good devices at a very small price.

Some time ago, we tested the Huawei Y6 in its 2018 version. A smartphone that missed the mark of the cheap mobile, but effective, leaded by an interface too heavy (or not enough optimized) for the embedded configuration. But the mistake is human, the mistake makes us grow and sometimes it is the key to success. This Y7 2018 is displayed as an improved version of the Y6. Hear here, slightly more expensive and with some additional features. What make a mobile entry level full and effective? No, still not and for reasons identical to those mentioned in the test of the little brother.
Technical sheet
                                    Huawei Y7 (2018)
            OS version
                            Android 8.0
                            Emotion UI
                Screen size
                            5.99 inches
                            1440 x 720 pixels
                Pixel density
                            569 dpi
                            Snapdragon 430 at 1.4GHz
                Processor (CPU)
                Graphics Chip (GPU)
                            Adreno 505
                RAM memory
                            3 GB
                Internal memory (flash)
                Camera (backpack)
                            1:13 megapixel sensor, 2 megapixel sensor
                Camera (front)
                            8 megapixels
                Video recording
                            4.2 + A2DP + LE
                            LTE, HSPA, GSM
                Supported bands
                            2100 MHz (B1), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7)
                            2x nano SIM
                Ports (Inputs / Outputs)
                            3000 mAh
                            158.3 x 76.7 x 7.8 mm
                            155 grams
                            Dark blue
                            169 €
                        Product sheet
                                This test was done with a smartphone that we bought.
The design of the Y7 2018 is identical to that of the Y6, with a diagonal screen a bit larger, the hair measuring 0.3 inches for 5 grams more. The total weight of the mobile is thus 155 grams for a diagonal screen that reaches 6 inches. Here again, the Y7 is a Y6: rounded contours, matt plastic back and optical block that almost does not exceed.

For the 170 euros requested, the finish is correct and above all, the construction is robust. The mobile easily mark certainly, but they are small traces. Huawei always gratifies us with a protective film directly laid, but not covering the whole surface. In short, Y6 and Y7, same fight. The thickness is not helped by the large area: the Y7 is felt in a denim pocket.

The definition of the screen remains the same (720 x 1440 pixels) despite the gain in size, reducing the resolution to 269 pixels per inch. Again, it starts to be limited since the pixels are visible, especially in terms of texts.

Strangely, the Y7 2018 manages to do worse than the little brother: the colors are certainly adjustable, but totally crazy by default, the readability in the sun is strangely worse and the contrast even worse. The little gain on the surface causes a major loss and today, this screen seems obsolete.
Software and Usage: "EMUI KILL ME" part 2
Rather than improve the points that fished (Huawei), Huawei decided to add options to a configuration that was already struggling to turn less. This amounts to adding weight to a trailer too heavy at the risk of killing the animals that draw the team. The RAM is still as busy as a Starbucks employee specialized in Refresha on a hot day and the impression of using his mobile in slow motion is constant, making violent the return to real life in Paris: everything goes very fast, too fast.
The user experience is as frustrating as on the little brother and proves that the overlay EMUI only tolerates high-end beefy. I was almost getting a breakdown of the optic nerve as the recognition can take time. Because yes, the Y7 has the facial recognition that we will tend to forget in favor of the fingerprint sensor, faster. Again, the recognition works very well, but the mobile is so long to run that the quick and convenient aspect of the function becomes gadget and unpleasant.
I managed to take a capture: the screen remained as in the second image about 40 seconds after switching from Spotify to the home screen.
Like the Y6, it is impossible to select France in the regions to synchronize its account Huawei (which imposes the prefix of the selected region to the phone number to enter for confirmation) and we still can not choose a mode different seizure of Swiftkey.
The update proposed quite quickly did not improve the set, but good news: the video playback on Netflix works (it was not the case on the Y6). The rest is identical to the Y6, so slow, full of options some of which do not seem to serve much, with a botched software part.
Performances: who can least can not
The performance of the Y7 is identical to that of the Y6 2018: the well-optimized applications run smoothly, but the mobile does not support any unplanned interruption while an application is running, such as a call for example.
Multitasking side, we must be satisfied with the necessary: ​​a little fresh water and greenery will avoid accumulations and juggle between 2 applications maximum maximum. It will also be customary to allow Y7 time to perform the requested tasks. Even if sometimes, in the case of a music sport session for example, this latency can be frustrating, as when moving from one piece to another.

So in terms of pure performance, the small Snapdragon 430 in this Y7 is not much better than the S425 housed in the Y6. We are not surprised, of course, but we remain disappointed. However, the Y7 does not skip all games and you can indulge in the joys of your favorite F2P. Note however that when a game is running, the mobile can do almost anything else and at the slightest call, SMS, WhatsApp or Snap message, your screen will be frozen for several long seconds.
Burrrito Bison runs smoothly on the Y7
Photos and Videos: very good at this price level and for this range
This part is identical to that of Y6 2018 with regard to the quality of the images (it is very good) and options (they are limited): for the price, we are in the high basket. Now the catches are faster. The consultation of images and videos taken, however, is always long, slow and therefore tedious.
In the screenshot below, we see that the application has a problem: the focus was blocked on the previous photo that has not been recorded and we can strictly NOT do anything except leave the application and restart it.

Audio: prefer to do it solo
The output jack delivers good quality sound, whether MP3 320 kbps or the sound of Spotify.

On this point, Huawei is not to be faulted. On the other hand, the loudspeaker is the minimum union: we discern things, but it saturates quickly and the highs are strident. It is the ideal tool for crowded beaches: the strident sound associated with a good JUL family will scare enough people to free you a little space. It also means that using the speakerphone while talking should remain a troubleshooting option.
Autonomy: a small camel
We can say that the autonomy of Y7 2018 is colossal (since we will have no desire to use his mobile continuously). In standby, it is easy to hold 7 days, in moderate use, almost 3. In daily use, taking into account the general slowness and nervousness provided we can achieve, with great patience, 1.5 days. That said, for fans of Netflix, we can chain 3 movies of 1:45 each.
Network and Communications
A copy and paste of the Y6 on all points: support dual nano SIM + micro SD with the 4 G (and not 4G +) on the place n ° 1 only. The sound in communication is correct via the earphone. The sound of the speaker is bad, it's high, shrill and saturates very quickly. Network hang is good (thanks to the plastic) and functional 4G modem. 4G + is however absent.

Where to buy the Huawei Y7 (2018)?
The Huawei Y7 (2018) is available at many retailers at a suggested price of 170 euros.
Where to buy the Huawei Y7 (2018) at the best price?
                        Huawei Y7 test (2018) The verdict
                                If it is a little less ergonomic than the Y6 because of its larger size, the design of this Y7 2018 is a success, both on the aspect with this brilliant edge of the most beautiful effect, as the level of the remarkable finish for a mobile at this price.
                                A little rough definition, fanciful colors and especially a readability in full sun catastrophic, the screen of Y7 2018 is bad. As much to move towards the Y6 who is doing better.
                                Unfortunately here the frustration is twofold: first the feeling that the manufacturer did not care about this model as the overlay was sloppy, but in addition there was no optimization to relieve the small Snapdragon 430. EMUI is clearly the flaw of this mobile who will certainly be better off without.
                                When there is an application it's ok. It's when there are several that it causes problems. If overall the main applications run correctly, the general system is in constant struggle, a fight full of battles that it is only losing. Failures that result in a mobile frozen for several seconds and that, continuously.
                                The functions are few but the quality of the photos delivered for such a rate is remarkable. But it's slow, very slow, too slow. Sometimes the capture is not done, the screen remains frozen. Too bad, because the rendering of the photos is really good.
                                The mobile will last a long time without needing a shot of juice. In any case longer than you, that's for sure.
                    If the interest of the Y6 was to motivate the purchase of a much higher-end phone, I had a lot of trouble finding the one of this Y7 as it happens to be worse than the little brother. Then the answer appeared to me, clear, limpid like the water of the Seine flowing along Paris Beach: this mobile is designed not to spend time. Everything is so slow and little optimized that each action acts as an anti-technology patch. Forget the 3310 too limited, forget the used mobile about to let go. Adopt this Huawei Y7 2018. With him, you have all the advantages of a smartphone today (mails, WhatsApp, Free 2 Play, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Chrome, etc.), without the addiction that will with. If this idea makes you smile, it is not as stupid as it seems: the mobile ensures its job, has excellent autonomy and, if necessary, will respond present. It is affordable, not ugly or beautiful, discreet, little known and can do a little multimedia if necessary. However, given the current context, it is displayed close to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 that is much better in ALL areas, except that to avoid addiction.Conclusion, the Huawei Y7 is the best smartphone for the "Digital Detox", but probably one of the worst for the rest.
                        Good points
                        Its autonomy
                                                            Correct design
                                                            Headphone output good quality for the price
                        Negative points
                        EMUI plumb experience
                                                            Slowdowns galore
                                                            The mobile often freezes, too often, whatever the request
                                                            Real lack of power, even for basic tasks


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