I have "driven" BMW's future car to MWC 2019

At the MWC 2019, BMW made us try its interface designed for autonomous cars. If it will not be available for a year or more, it gives a taste of the future.

The 5G and foldable smartphones are not the only novelties that can be seen at the MWC 2019. On its booth, BMW gives a little idea of ​​the conduct of the future through a rather casual virtual reality experience.
HTC Vive on the nose, I found myself in a luxury hotel at the top of a building of an imaginary city. I took the elevator that went directly to my room to reach my car and go to a meeting at the other end of the city. Arrived downstairs, like K2000, my car came to get me, without the help of any valet. Comfortable seating, luxury finishes … BMW brought me the big game, always in virtual reality.
But I have an appointment, do not dwell on it! I point at the window and ask her to open, what she does, grabs the steering wheel and presses the pedal to start. Here we go! We arrive on the highway and the car does not need me anymore, I let it drive in my place and the manual controls retract a little. Today it looks like it's a little dangerous, but remember that this is a futuristic situation.

I can then relax, take the time to admire this beautiful virtual landscape, and take the opportunity to point a finger at a building and ask more information about it to my flight attendant. What learn all the subtleties of a city that I do not know very well.
At the bottom right of my windshield, my todo list is displayed. I have to think about buying movie tickets for tonight. Besides, this enormous complex at the bottom of my field of vision would not it be … But yes! My flight attendant tells me that it is a cinema and even gives me the movies and the schedules of the next sessions. A new Mission Impossible? Hmmm, why not. Show me the super-computer-board-who-is-everything trailer!

After a few minutes of a furious Tom Cruise, I ordered my tickets without leaving the seat of my vehicle, and soon I arrived. Arrived at a place I will not see, since it is now time to remove my VR helmet. More than ever the adage that says the trip is more important than the destination makes sense.
Clearly, BMW made me dream with its city of the future and its convenient and autonomous interface to the Minority Report (in less creepy). It remains to be seen now if this VR experience can really take place in France in the near future or if the legislation will drag things …

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