In 2019, make your technological purchases more responsible!

And if in 2019, you do not buy a new smartphone? It will not please the stock markets, but we still have the right to make good resolutions and here is one: to do a little housework in our technological lives.
This is a smartrphone that still works!
Sparks of joy … Not in the eyes of shareholders
The year began with a cold shower for Apple shareholders, but an event that I personally qualify as beneficial: when we offer them the opportunity to give a boost to their current model, users would take the opportunity to deliver their buying a brand new phone the next year. The battery exchange program is, according to Tim Cook, part of the reason for a quarter at half-mast, in addition to a gloomy climate in China. Well, OK is also a way to confess half-word that the iPhone has become overpriced, but see a positive sign more general.
Two weeks later, we learned, through The Art of Ranging with Marie Kondo on Netflix, to thank her objects, make mountains of clothes and keep only what gives us sparks of joy. And the series, worth its worth, made me think back to things I've been reading and listening to for years on similar topics. Beyond its very overplayed side, there is something to dig. Minimalism is nothing new, but it is an approach that can be applied to our digital lives and our consumption habits, and this is the right time to ask the question.

Your current smartphone is (probably) enough
I'm not really going to thank my smartphone, the tablet I am currently typing these lines on, or my HD TV (yes, the same for 11 years!) While kneeling, even if I find after all the caring and fun idea . Still. It's worth taking a moment and remembering everything you can do with these items. All they facilitate us, the time they can make us win. And you know what ? The terminal – whatever its brand – that you bought last year, or two years ago … Go, even three or four years according to your usage! This smartphone is probably always enough.
If he still takes pictures that bring you satisfaction, if he still benefits from security updates, if he does not turn like a calf, if the battery life still allows you to hold a whole day of work without asking "an iPhone cable" or "a Samsung charger" to your colleagues, that's fine! Anyway, while we are going to end up having leaks of the model after the one, which is not out yet, it becomes illusory to follow the movement.
We are still, at the time of writing, in a period of intense solicitation. A period that lasts longer and longer: before sales, there were Christmas specials, before Christmas specials Black Friday which now lasts a week … The temptations to give in to the good plan that kills are many.
And there is nothing wrong with that either. You can also, of course, be in search of a new laptop, want to please you or crack on the balances of your favorite download kiosk. It's cool ! But it may be wise to think: what will you bring this purchase? What will you do with your old equipment? Does your Steam backlog really need to get a new entry when you already have 150 games to finish?
Rediscover what you already have
Because I'm talking about hardware, but this beginning of the year can also be a good time to evaluate your software habits. Take stock of the apps you use, the services on which you spend too much time, rediscover native features of your OS that may save you the purchase of an application. You have at least twenty classics or unknown pearls to finish before attacking the next big release, which will end up down too. Think about it!
The frenzy of builders and publishers will not stop. To stay in the news, not to be outdistanced by competitors, to attract new potential customers, news will continue to flow at an annual rate or even biannual for some. But that should not prevent us from thinking about our uses and questioning our consumption habits.

Alternatives exist. We can choose to support a project like the Fairphone, even if we remain dubious about its software delay difficult to fill. The PostmarketOS alternative system project, which promises 10 years of support for the devices on which it is installed, is also worth watching. One can also simply opt for a high-end smartphone on which one has relatively confidence about its software updates, and keep it as long as possible. Perhaps, by slowing down renewals, it will encourage builders to offer longer-term support.


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