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We were able to discover a lightsaber at CES 2019. This is made by a French startup, Solaari, which highlights the great resistance of its product and the possible customization via a smartphone application.

In a salon dedicated to new technologies, we always like to see futuristic and / or revolutionary products. But we must admit that it is also an opportunity to discover gadgets that simply have the advantage of being cool. At CES 2019, one of our favorites is a lightsaber.
Listening only to our child's soul, we had fun to cross the iron to exchange some clumsy knocks of thrust and size with the representatives of Solaari. This is a startup under the umbrella of the incubator of the French group LDLC – like Nemeio we saw earlier.
It is true that there are already many lightsabers on the market. But Solaari says that his is much stronger and that "you have to get up early to try to break it" thanks to a polycarbonate tube and an aluminum handle. Perfect for the naggers. Moreover, although it obviously does not have the finesse of a rapier, the device is well balanced and pleasant to use for fluid movements.

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Customization and application
It does not stop there. The object is also greatly customizable thanks to the mobile application that comes with it. The latter makes it possible to change the color of the laser thanks to a large chromatic palette or to vary the luminous effects with each impact of the sword. The connection between the sword and the smartphone is via Bluetooth and know that a phone can handle multiple swords.
Inside the neck, there is a loudspeaker that comes alive when you move or hit something with the sword. This speaker is so powerful that it vibrates the device. An appreciable detail that makes the immersion stronger. For the battery, count on an autonomy of 6:30.
Star Wars?
When we talk about lightsaber, we obviously think of the Star Wars franchise. Solaari prefers, however, nuance indicating that there is no collaboration with Disney for now, but the startup does not hide that she would like to be able to put the name of the saga on his product.
This is a quality toy for adults and children. Solaari also explains that he wants to provide professional lightsaber combat, as the practice has been recognized by the French fencing federation.
Price and availability
Solaari launched a crowdfunding campaign that was very successful on Kickstarter: the target of $ 86,689 is not far from being achieved by the time we write these lines.
The lightsaber Solaari should be marketed in September, priced at 250 euros. The company says that people who participate in the Kickstarter will benefit from a discount. The object we tried at CES is not over yet and some improvements are still to be expected as the possibility of connecting two swords between them to make a kind of spear.

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